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Shawnee Mission South 

Raider Bands

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5/30 to 5/31 - New Marcher Camp

This camp is for ALL incoming freshmen and other folks who didn't march with the Rompin' Stompin' Raider band in 2023.  The ENTIRE percussion section needs to be there as well.   Student Leaders will make this a fun an informative time for everyone to get started on the right foot.  Click here for more info

7/25 & 7/26 - Band Camp for Everyone

ALL members of the band (if you're in band this means you) will attend.  This is when everyone learns pre-game... and it's FUN!  Don't miss out

7/29 & 8/2 - Band Camp for 1st Hour

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First hour band members finish out the summer strong with this intensive camp.  Building individual skills, perfecting the new music, and learning the contest shOur goal is to completely learn the Pre-Game show and get well into the contest show.

Stay up to date over the summer.  Join us on the "Band App".  While school is out the Band App is the main form of communication.  During the school year we use it to keep in touch and coordinate activities.  Click Here to join.

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