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Band News

Band News

Oct 21

What a day, What a season!


Congratulations to every one for an excellent marching season that was capped off by our last game on Friday and a big day in Warrensburg on Saturday!


First, we are done with 7AM practices, Wednesday morning 5th hr practices, and 1st hr Monday night practices! We will be working on concert music from here on though there is a volunteer pep band away game this Thursday night at SM North and we will have to see what happens on Nov. 1st. Please plan to attend the game Thursday. That was a tough loss for our guys Friday night. We want to show them that no matter what the win/loss column shows, Raider Pride is alive and well and there is no better representative of that than YOU, the Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band!


Warrensburg was simply a great day! In a field that turned out to be tougher than expected, we finished prelims with an excellent performance that put us in 3rd place in our division and 4th overall in a field of 21 bands. Prelim scores were not posted while we were at the festival but we now know that we ended up with the high score for music ensemble (basically, how the band plays) and first place for visual (marching style, drill execution, including band choreography). Both guard and drumline got second in our division! That is pretty awesome!


For Finals, we pushed our game up even higher....but was it enough? We were in 4th place going into finals but knew we were close on the heels of the 3rd place band. Only the top 4 places are read at the end of finals. The group announced in 4th place band had come up from 6th. Oh, no! Had we fallen....but there we were in 3rd! The kids had dug deep and moved up! When the final results were posted, we had created some distance over the fourth place band and were less than a point behind 2nd and not far from first. Again, we got the high music ensemble score (I got to say, to me, this is THE most important score...and I'm not just saying that because we came out on top in that category but it does sure make me proud!). We also snagged top score with the individual visual judge (those fundies paid off!). Just a great day!


Enormous congratulations to our students! They were so focused and determined to do their best. The student leadership has been fantastic this year and the whole group showed commitment and drive to increase their skills all season. There are so many who made special contributions but let me single out Kate with her amazing daily positive and inclusive energy that was paired with her clear instructions and very high standards. Also, Mr. President, Brandon K who has constantly taken charge of things that needed to be done! He volunteered to take on daily responsibility of the screens, it was his work that made the senior posters a reality and those shirts were his idea....and there were so many other moments when he just saw a need and took care of it. I think initiative is one of the most important characteristics a person can have and Kate and Brandon exemplify initiative! What phenomenal role models! Also, special kudos to our clarinet speaker patrol and our pit percussion who not only played wonderfully but also moved all that equipment everyday. I got to tell you, some of that stuff is HEAVY!


Thank you to the parents who did so much to make this season go smoothly...or if it wasn't, you took care of it so I didn't know about it! Saturday was a great example. We had parents chaperoning busses, taking care of uniforms, cooking hamburgers, moving equipment to and from the field, pluming and unpluming the kids, passing out water and snacks and a thousand other little things that make a huge difference! Special thanks to our truck crew of Selzer and Herrmann and all that helped them for getting and returning the truck and loading and unloading SOOO much stuff. Our parent volunteers are fantastic and they always seem to be having such a great time doing it. Of course, my co-workers are absolutely the best. Mr. Schapker put together this wonderful drill and concept for the show, Mrs. Szczesny is so creative and giving of her time and talents, Evan is an incredible musician and educator, and Mrs. Hoelscher is the best at getting these students ready in middle school then is there every chance she has to continue helping at the high school. Mrs. Adams is always right there to help out, too. She knew that marrying me meant marrying into the South Band. She is a huge help to me and is always ready to jump right in and work. Add to this, Coach Long and Mrs. Carson from Pace and we really do have The Dream Team teaching staff!


Information about Symphonic Band auditions are posted. On this site, go to "Students" then "Auditions" and check out the information.

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  • The Winter Concert and chili supper will be on December 4th. It has been on this website's calendar for 12/11 but due to theater availability issues, we need to move it up a week. The correct date has been on the school and sunflower league calendars for some time and has now been updated on this website. Thanks to Mrs. Kutz for catching the discrepancy! We had a big day at District Auditions this weekend with our students earning 24 chairs in the honor bands with 3 more students designated as alternates. The last time we had this many students make District was 2010! Music will be sent out in the next week for these students to prepare for the Dec. 7th concert which will be held at Blue Valley HS. All students that play on the concert, including alternates that are called to perform are eligible to audition for All-State on Jan. 11. Those earning positions are: Blue Band (Red and Blue Band are equal groups) Snare 2-Lauren Crain Mallets 1-Will Cooper Tbn 4-Caden Swanson Trp 3-Blake Helton B CL 1-Alexis Monks Cl 15-Megan Bogner Fl 4-Anna James Pic 1-Bryn Davis Red Band (Red and Blue Band are equal groups) Tuba 3-Lloyd Dodson Euph 2-Kate Herrmann Tbn 2-Isaac Obeidat Tbn 3-Corbin Wood B Cl 2-Nick Camburako Cl 9-Emily Markum Fl 6-Hanna Velicer Fl 2-Laura Bogner Gold Band (Gold Band is the top concert group) Bssn 1-Jay Selzer BSX 1-Andrea Edwards Tbn 5-Teddy Blair Tuba 3-Jacob Legg Mallet 3-Alex Johannes Jazz-3 Chris Petrella-Trp 3 (Our first freshman to earn a spot at District!) Julian Duff-Trp 4 Matthew Eagleman-Tbn 3 Alternates-3 Cl 1-Kaleah Petersen Tbn 2-Dorian Sanders Tymp-Ben Shaw
  • I hope the day went well for each of you at today's District Auditions that were held at Olathe East. For those who performed today, I appreciate the courage, preparation and discipline you exhibited to push yourself to take on this extra challenge. Regardless of the results, taking on challenges like this builds character and confidence that will help you realize you can handle a stressful demanding situation that puts you in contention for opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Auditions today are preparing you for auditions tomorrow. Yes, today it was music but tomorrow maybe it is a tryout for a team, or a show, or an interview for a scholarship, college admission, or a new job! The District bands are formatted differently this year for the first time. Previously, there were, along with the jazz band, two even 5-6A concert bands and a 1-4A concert band. This year, there will be a "top" band of 66 players and two even bands of 98 players each and a jazz band. These bands can have members from any size classification (1-6A are the six different size classifications for high schools in Kansas). There will still be 66 spots in these three bands that must be filled by 1-4A students. All participants in the 3 bands qualify to audition for State. When I was turning in the trombone room scores today, I was told that results would be posted on Tuesday. I know, waiting for results is really tough! There will be those that will check constantly but try not to think about it too much until Tuesday. Results will be posted at http://eckmea.org/ . It will be listed under "Rosters" on the right side of the page. Those who earn positions and any alternates that play on the December 7th concert will be eligible to audition for the KMEA All-State Ensembles. Those auditions will be on January 11 in scenic Salina.
  • Please come out to hear the free concert by the US Air Force Shades of Blue Jazz Ensemble, an 18 member big band, in our auditorium tonight at 7PM. This group is made up of professional musicians that serve our country by performing around the US and abroad sharing great big band jazz! All band members that attend will get 50 pts extra credit! Jazz band members are required to attend. Spread the word so we can get a nice audience for these musical service men and women! Our symphonic band results are posted. Thanks to all those who put in the effort to prepare for this audition. I encourage everyone who played to see me to get a review of your performance. I have recordings of all wind performances that you can listen to. Next week, I will give 2nd semester class lists to the counselors and they will make needed schedule adjustments. They will call you in if they need your help. District auditions are this Saturday at Olathe East High School (14545 W. 127th St., Olathe KS 66062). You start with a meeting of everyone trying out in the gym at 7:30AM. You will get instructions there for the rest of the audition. You don't need to dress up for this, the judges never see you. When you are done with your audition/auditions, you may leave. Results will be posted on Sunday or Monday and music will be sent digitally for those who earn a spot. For specifics on audition requirements, check this link http://ksmea.org/hsband/excerpts/ . For ranges of chromatic and major scales, check this link https://eckmea.org/hsband/eckmea_hsband_scale_ranges.pdf