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Parent Band

  Brookridge - Brookwood - John Diemer

Oak Park-Carpenter - Rosehill - Trailwood

Upcoming Events

Depending on COVID restrictions, Parent Band MIGHT return, in the Spring, 2022. Stay tuned!

What is Parent Band?

Welcome to the first ever South Area Parent Band! This is a FUN 

opportunity for parents of current 5th grade band students to learn to play a musical instrument along with their child!!!

Primarily an online activity, parents will have access to clear, concise (and a little goofy) youtube videos that cover approximately two weeks of classwork. Several in-person, group lessons will be available for those interested, and you can always consult your resident, 5th grade expert!

As this is the first year of this group's existence, a number of things will have to be "played by ear". Initially to help me gauge interest, please click the "sign up" button on this page if you'd like to participate! 

I can guarantee all the information you need to learn basic note reading, tone production, and technique! All while developing a hobby you can share with your child!



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